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The Story So Far.......

Andy Condon lives in a self imposed exile in the wilds of north Essex, and has worked as The Glimmer Room since the turn of the century.

After many years building a career predominantly in the live music scene, Andy grew tired of all the travelling and general upheaval that life in a busy band entails, and thereafter retreated into the safety of the studio, where he worked as part of a short-lived experimental dance collective called Neesh.

After weeks of programming, the first Neesh album was finalised in a marathon 3 day studio session that was more like a 3 day party, with folks dropping in, hanging out and maybe even contributing to the recording, and the 5 track EP, called simply Neesh, was eventually released through the sadly now defunct Landscape Recordings label. All this talk of studio parties and collectives is a mile away from The Glimmer Room, but for one thing so, please, bare with me.

In amongst all the 909-rhythms and thumping 303-bass lines was a small track called Still Waters, which quickly became something of a turning-point for Andy - a laid-back, down-tempo piece, that hung on a processed Enya sample, a slowed down break-beat, all held together by a young rapper who left shortly afterwards, and ended up in the US working with De la Sole. This track also turned out to be the end of Neesh and the start of The Glimmer Room because Andy had finally found his true path, in a mode of music he wanted to explore more deeply.

That was early 1997 and, five years later, the first Glimmer Room album, Tomorrows Tuesday, was released in early 2002 on the then Sheffield electronic music label Neu Harmony. The thirteen tracks that make up Tomorrow's Tuesday have been compared to  Moby, Enigma and Mike Oldfield's Songs of Distant Earth.

Grey Mirrors followed in 2004. Released on Andy's own A-frame Media label, Grey Mirrors began as an experiment after Andy had read about how the KLF had recorded their classic Chill Out album in just one weekend. Andy set himself the goal of doing just the same, and the result was a remarkable album consisting of just one 42 minute piece that quickly became an ambient classic. In composing Grey Mirrors, Andy used the view from his window as inspiration, taking in as many influences as possible, and the resulting album is a musical exploration of a time and place that has a feeling highly reminiscent of an old English black and white film. evolved from chopped-up breaks and beats, via lush synthesiser melodies, which characterise Andy's trademark atmospheric, layered soundscapes. Grey Mirrors was released to overwhelming critical acclaim, receiving world-wide radio play and establishing a genuine personal connection with people from all corners of the globe. The release of this album also saw Andy's return to the stage, with an appearances at the Alpha Centuri electronic music festival in Holland, and later, at a special appearance in the Awakenings series of concerts in the UK.

Moving on from Grey Mirrors, 2007 saw the release of the limited edition album, Now We Are Six, also on the A-Frame label. NWAS is a collection of tracks recording first 6 years of The Glimmer Room's life and which featured on various magazine cover disks and compilations but were otherwise unavailable. This was Andy's first album to be available digitally through i-Tunes and Amazon, and was soon followed by Grey Mirrors as Andy pushed forward with this new medium.

2007 also saw the release of a Glimmer Room re-mix of Komputer's Like A Bird, on the world-famous label, Mute Records.

Following more than two and a half years of hard work, Andy's third studio album Home Without The Journey was released in late 2008, once again on A-frame Media. Home Without The Journey illustrates a more experimental side to Andy's work, and is possibly his most introspective work to date.

2010 saw two releases, first the album I Remain an album that used a system based method of composing, similar to the systems Brian Eno uses. A Diary Of Occurrences followed later in the year. A Diary of Occurrences EP is a collection of 7 tracks each composed to reflect an atmosphere or memory. Working again with loop based and system based composition techniques, The Glimmer Room have come up with the perfect antidote to the relative starkness of the previous album I Remain. The light and sometimes-playful melodies float over a dreamy bed of recorded loops and sound manipulation, giving A Diary of Occurrences a very blurred, melancholic and distant atmosphere.

2012 and The Wind Blows Summer From The Trees is released this full album explores that moment in time when you realise your half way there, more time has passed than may lay before you. At that moment when you turn and face the life you have had taking in all the highs and lows, before turning you back and heading down the hill. This release featured a ribbon bound booklet of text documenting the process of thought that brought this realisation.

2013 brings the second release and a continuation of the Borley Trilogy ‘A Return to Cromley Hall’ follows on from the previous release ‘A Diary of Occurrences. On the 16th October 1930 Marianne and Lionel Foyster’s long journey from Canada to Borley came to an end, having left Sackville after Lionel’s health had started to suffer, a heart attack and chronic arthritis not helped by the harsh environment of Canada. The last few hundred yards of that long journey took them up the quite desolate country lane Hall Hill to the rambling Victorian rectory that no doubt Lionel had been describing to Marianne for some months previous.

 This piece is an effort to try and get into their collective mind set as they made those final few minutes of that journey. Having just left a whole chapter of their lives behind in Canada and embarking on a new one in this rural back water of Essex.

‘A Return To Cromley Hall’ is set to the sound bed of a field recording I took taking that very same journey some 83 years later. This raw recording is also included in the EP for those wanting to share that journey more intimately.

The EP also contains a radical re-interpretation of the track ‘We Walked with Marie Lairre’ from ‘A Diary Of Occurrences’. This work is by the artist Ross Baker ( I was so taken back by what Ross had achieved in his sensitive re-working of the track I knew it had to be a part of the next in the series.