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The Wind Blows Summer From The Trees

the latest album from The Glimmer Room.

A single 49 minute retrospective piece, mixing the elements of field recording, ambient soundscapes and delicate melody.

“Almost a year in the making The Wind Blows Summer From The Trees is a very personal piece. Last October I had a bit of a 'moment' and realised at 43 years of age I could well be half way through my time here, all being well. This is the soundtrack of that realisation and the moment you stop and look back at your life for a moment before heading off down the hill.

Like a lot of my albums before it is best enjoyed as a single piece and in a quiet room.

Also included with the disk is a handmade ribbon bound 13 page booklet containing a more detailed (6500 words) text covering the personal journey I was undertaking at the time, it looks fantastic if I do say so myself.

To say I am proud of this work is a massive understatement never before have I put so much of myself into a composition and the results have taken me totally by surprise to be honest.”

All Time Is Now

This release is another single track release and is now available in my shop.